Valentine Mediation on the Spot

September 18, 2014 in Business Profile, Spotlight Articles by admin

As a young adult, the role of the Peacemaker came naturally to Camille.
imageShe desired to help her family overcome conflicts believing it to have long-lasting adverse mental, physical, and emotional effects if not positively addressed.  She observed the impacts of unmanaged conflict in that it weakened family ties and how having conflict resolution skills based on biblical principles, strengthened them.  She is the owner of Valentine mediation, has developed mediation programs in the courts, created workshops designed to reveal personal conflict management styles, and teaches in churches the power of mediation through the Ministry of Reconciliation discussed in 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 of the Holy Bible.


Camille’s experience began to increase when she was afforded the opportunity to become the Assistant Director & Mediator for the Civil Court Annex (DRPA) Dispute Resolution Program Act through (FPU) Fresno Pacific University’s, (CPACS) Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies graduate program.  Further expanding her skills, she interned as a Graduate Assistant Mediator for the Central Valley’s (VORP) Victim Offender Reconciliation Program.  She assisted with the development and implementation of Fresno County Superior Court connected Probate and Family Mediation programs and continues to develop trainings in Peacemaking and Conflict Management.  She has been recognized by FPU Faculty, Court Staff, Judges, and the mediation community as a rising star dedicated to bringing peace and reconciliation to those in need.

Camille was promoted July 1st, 2013, to Director of Mediation Services Family Division of CPACS located in the Fresno County Superior Court.  She has begun a trail of firsts: The first African American female to become a Settlement Officer for the Superior Courts Alternative Dispute Resolution Department, Mediator Panel Member and Mediator Practitioner of CPACS Mediation Associates.  She also serves as the 1st African American Female President for the Association for Conflict Resolution Central California Chapter (ACRCCC) 2014-2015.

Lastly, she is an active member of organizations in the field such as ACR International, Senior Mediator Practitioner of, Fresno County Bar Association, Castle Keep Elder Abuse Prevention Program and board member of Apostolic Institute for Godly Leadership (AIGL).  Camille Valentine is a reconciliation advocate for families and churches, and operates her own mediation practice; Valentine Mediation where she also provides Trainings/Workshops, Conflict Coaching, Family Group Conferencing, Motivational Speaking and Peace Circles for those trying to talk themselves through healing from past injustices and or painful life experiences.   She enjoys spending time with family and friends, outdoor activities, and exploring new ways to living a happy Spirit fed and Godly led life.

Office location: 2100 N Winery Ave Suite 104
Fresno CA 93703.
Telephone: 559.453.3422
Fax: 559.252.4800